Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long Time Coming

Remember I had a little Loopy Ewe fall down a couple of weeks ago? I had a similar fall down at Blue Moon Fiber Arts about the same time. Only, I realized after I'd left for my conference in Minneapolis, the yarn had never appeared.

I checked the tracking number and was told that yes, indeed it had been delivered. Hmmm.....

Now, usually mail shows up without too many problems, but this is the second package that I've had stolen.  I'm curious, who steals sock yarn? The USPS has been absolutely no help at all on the track-the-missing-package process, I've got a typed letter ready to go to the Post Master on Tuesday to describe in full detail the poor customer service I received. An entire section of it outlines the five minute rant of excuses I received from the one clerk that I spoke to before she even asked what exactly my problem was, which included nothing ever being her fault, a lack of having my mailbox labeled (it's labeled), and that she was just walking past a ringing phone and answered it--so she couldn't possibly help me.

Fortunately, the fantastic ladies BMFA are exemplary at customer service. Phenomenal, even. I received understanding and a reshipment to the Philosopher's address without question (THANK YOU PAULA). It's sad that future wool shipments will have to go to someone else's place or to the UPS store around the corner, where I incur an extra $5 fee for the guys to receive a package for me because the USPS is regularly unreliable.


Anywho, I got some new STR Medium Weight. It's squishy and I love it and I realized after it was shipped that one of the colorways was one I'd already purchased. All the colors that I love from Blue Moon and I now have two My Blue Heavens. Oops. I suppose there are worse things than two skeins of yarn in blues that I think are beautiful, right?

It gets better.

I went to add the new stash to Ravelry. And not only do I already have a skein of My Blue Heaven, I also have a skein of Puck's Mischief--which would be that colorway in the middle.

*headdesk* I am nothing, it seems, if not consistent. For all future BMFA orders, I apparently will have to make myself check Ravelry BEFORE I hit the buy button. 

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