Saturday, May 21, 2011

Does Stash Down Mean the Yardage Numbers Go Up?

If it doesn't, oh am I in trouble. That's right, I went wool shopping again.  First of all, I would like to thank and blame Sherri at The Loopy Ewe for her tantalizing updates. The Loopy Ewe tweets are some of a very select few that come to my cell phone--and I don't just mean on the Twitter app. No, no, those get their own text message.  So when she posted about Nichole Schaefer Twofers....I was pretty powerless to resist.  Here I'd made it through more than one Wollmeise update, but special one time only Schaefer skeins? I had no chance at all.

While Nichole calls itself a fingering on Ravelry, I'm a little skeptical. It feels awfully sport weight to me but I'll compromise and call it a heavy fingering. It's dense and squishy and it going to knit up into something absolutely marvelous.

First up is Spruce. Apologies that this is a little fuzzy. I was having trouble with this particular yarn tonight.It's pretty standard Abigail yarn: greens/blues/grays....


And then, then I got sucked into a colorway I can't explain. As a general rule I don't buy super highly variegated skeins. The Socks that Rock that I've gotten from BMFA are about as daring as I get. I'm going to have to make Turtle Girl's Breaking Hearts pattern out of these just to keep the colors from horribly pooling or striping. Debating who I can find who'll want really tall socks in these super bright shades. I blame a late spring--if it was brighter outside perhaps I would not be seeking sock yarns that can nearly blind the knitter. This is Janis Joplin.


Isn't it pretty? It's a hair more orange than that picture shows--not quite so golden rod but that's a close as the monitor would cooperate. I may just keep it and hug it and squeeze it and use it to ward off Seasonal Sad.

To round out The Loopy Ewe Order (don't want to pay for shipping now do we?) I got


Charts Made Simple by JC Briar. This has been recommended by just about everyone who could recommend it.  I haven't had a chance to read it yet, I don't doubt it will rock my world.

And then, just one more little purchase. I happened into Loopy the other day. There was method to the madness, I was meeting someone there. But they still had the KPPPM on clearance and well, since I had the time to rummage through it and find multiple skeins in the same colorway....


I now have 875 yards of Blueberry.  Also known as P722 Dyelot 23.  I like Blueberry better personally.

I have no particular plans for any of this yarn. Which means I've added another 2175 yards to the stash.

As the Incredibly-Patient-Mother has oft reminded me, I could have much worse habits. 

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