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Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow

For anyone who suddenly has an earworm to the title of the blogpost, the full song is here. And why yes, the reason I know that is because of the 80s movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun. 

Anyway, I have finished socks to show you!! Monday I finished one pair of socks and tonight I finished two more pair. They are going into a Soak bath in just a minute.

First up was the Indulgent Green Socks, which are being set aside for AudioGirl's Birthday. She knows about them, of course, I've been making her try on all of the socks I've been knitting her. She's pretty excited about having a more fully stocked sock drawer for next winter. I'm happy to have another person who I'm close enough to that I'm actually willing to knit socks for who will wear and take good care of them.

There are out of Sanguine Gryphon's Bugga. This yarn is always always always a pleasure to work with. The colors are rich and gem like, the base is wonderfully squishy.

Second we have the …

Long Time Coming

Remember I had a little Loopy Ewe fall down a couple of weeks ago? I had a similar fall down at Blue Moon Fiber Arts about the same time. Only, I realized after I'd left for my conference in Minneapolis, the yarn had never appeared.

I checked the tracking number and was told that yes, indeed it had been delivered. Hmmm.....

Now, usually mail shows up without too many problems, but this is the second package that I've had stolen.  I'm curious, who steals sock yarn? The USPS has been absolutely no help at all on the track-the-missing-package process, I've got a typed letter ready to go to the Post Master on Tuesday to describe in full detail the poor customer service I received. An entire section of it outlines the five minute rant of excuses I received from the one clerk that I spoke to before she even asked what exactly my problem was, which included nothing ever being her fault, a lack of having my mailbox labeled (it's labeled), and that she was just walking past…

No Really, There Has Been Knitting

I keep feeling like I'm not actually getting any knitting done. I am --it's just charts and lace and 200+ stitch rows and those take a little longer than your average sock round.

The Summer Mystery Shawl by WendyKnits has seen all the majority of the knitting time and love of late. I've made it through the first two charts and the first twelve rows of the first repeat of chart 3--or the third clue depending how you're following along.

The pattern is wonderfully clear and easy to follow. Wendy's charts are a breeze to read.  I'm using a minimal 4 stitch markers and haven't had to tink back too many times and then only a few stitches from passing distraction.

I can definitely feel the 20% nylon that's in the Fiber Optics Yarn.  It's not bad, just different.  I've been working with a lot more blends of late or 100% cotton and I find it very interesting how noticeable the difference in hand is as I am working. The yarn is wonderfully vibrant and sh…