Thursday, January 6, 2011

Knitting Deadlines and Obligations

Though I've knit a little each day of the new year, it hasn't been a great amount. Most days I think I've managed a total of about four rounds on a sock. Considering November and December's output, I'm not particularly impressed with myself. My knitmeter on the sidebar of the blog still sadly says that I have not knit this year, because I don't put things in until I finish the item.

Granted, this could be just a little whiplash from the holiday knitting. There were an excessive number of City Shawls. In thinking about it though, I realize I have a fair amount of deadline focused knitting that I need to get started on/back to/cracking the whip so that perhaps I will have things rolling before August...

  1. My mom asked for a knitted headband in black. I made her one in green--which she wears a lot but it's kind of a strange shade and doesn't work with all of her clothing. Black would be better. I would be very happy all winter if I could live in a modified version of Hugs-n-Kisses-with-Love Headband. I don't do the hearts in the ribbing and I do a wider ribbing than the pattern calls for I think.  
  2. I started one more City Shawl for a coworker who had left just slightly before I did from my last job. She was the first coworker besides my immediate supervisors who knew I was leaving--finding out on Friday (everyone else the following Tuesday) because I wouldn't have seen her to share the news for nearly a week otherwise. I told her and her first response was "Me too!" We shared our goodbye celebration in November. I need to get that shawl done. 
  3. I've signed up to be in the Knitgirlll's Small Shawl/Kerchief Swap. I won't find out who my swap partner is for another week or so and then that's due in March. I'm waiting to see who I get and hoping their color preferences align with my current stash. If not--oh look an excuse to go yarn shopping. 
  4. There are two babies in my near future: a cousin and a friend who was really close in college. Less so now but it's his first and in honor of that friendship. One baby is due in March and the other July. I have some non-wool stash that will probably be designated for these babies. 
  5. One of my favorite people to knit for is the Brunette. He wears the things I've made him. So when last I saw him we discussed the need for flip-top mittens that would have a way for him still to text. Not being able to find a single complete pattern that I like, I've been cobbling things together. As he's appearing in Chicago on Tuesday to see a client, these are going to have to get some serious knitting time in over the weekend. (A weekend which is--I might mention--already full with social engagements, most of which I cannot knit at and which I really can't knit mittens I'm making up as I go at, which could be a problem). 
  6. Flip top mittens and more headbands for me!  I've been wearing the same pair of mittens all winter. They're fine but they aren't flip tops.
  7. I've never actually knit a sweater. I taught a couple of my knitting kids how to knit sweaters. I've walked them all the way through the process. Having sewn for many years helps with that. But I've never knit one and that was a spring goal.
  8. Thrumb mitten kit. I got one for Christmas from AudioGirl. We're supposed to get together and knit them--as she has a kit too. Between 2-3 a.m. on Fridays I guess because dang if I can figure out when our schedules collide. 
  9. The pink afghan. It got stuffed into a bag after the last debacle of ripping and I haven't put in my hour on it this week. But it is only Thursday. There are three more days. 
  10. I need a new on-the-go project. I have a pair of vanilla socks that are living at work in anticipation of long knittable meetings or days I have to go back and forth across campus (15 minute bus ride each way). But everything else requires a chart or concentration or it just has become too unwieldy.  
  11. The other UFOs cluttering up the apartment. I need to finish or start ripping. 

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