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Stalling in Rotation

Two of my umm six on-the-needles projects are progressing. The other four are totally stalled out.

Project 1: Green/Brown afghan 
Status: Totally stalled
Reason: Bulky weight wool, 85 degrees outside, nope, not touching this one.

Project 2: Scarf for Library Fundraiser
Status: Stalled
Reason: It's "work"

Project 3: Another Earwarmer Headband
Status: Stalled
Reason: Oooh shiny other projects hogging all of the attention

Project 4: Multnomah Shawl
Status: Stalled
Reason: made the mistake of setting it down to work on something else, now can't get enthused even though it's gorgeous yarn by Dizzy Blonde Studios

Project 4: Rainbow Shawl
Status: Would be done but....

I was on row 19 of Chart B, which is the final row before the bind off.  That's right--I was less than a 1.5 rows from having a finished object. And then I decided that I really had enough yarn to rip back and add another repeat of Chart A. I pulled the needles out, took a deep breath and ripped.

I …

A Poll on Potential "Giveaway"

One of the wonderful horrors coming out of the Gulf spill are the animal images.

M asked me why we're not seeing fundraising efforts for the animal rescue down there. My response was that BP should be paying for the rescue and clean up and I think that feeling is pretty pervasive and that's why we're not seeing people having raffles like we have for other major natural disasters. Then I stumbled across an ad/story/fill in the blank I saw it on the interwebs: National Wildlife Foundation is raising money for animal rescue directly related to the oil spill.

I have a tweet in to a guy at the National Wildlife Foundation, asking what the difference is between them that they are fundraising while the International Bird Rescue Research Center is stating on their site that BP is funding them, though they are happy to take monies for other bird rescue things...

So here's my question to you: If I were to put up a small (think single skein of sock yarn) shawl, with names thrown…

We're Going on a Field Trip

I led a kids knitting group at my library for a couple of years, teaching, cajoling, introducing...doing all those things a leader gets to do.

And one of my favorite things was to take kids with me when I went yarn shopping. I take them to my favorite yarn store in Viroqua, Ewetopia Fiber Shop. It's packed with wooly goodness, hand-dyed yarn by the owner, hand-spun from local spinners, locally grown yarn, plus all sorts of novelties, a loom, wheels, *sigh*....

My car only seats four besides me, so space is limited, but my kids parents have been remarkably cool about letting me abscond with their children for an afternoon/evening, returning them hopped up on wool fumes and Girl Scout cookies, raving about the joys of Merino.

This upcoming trip are three of my older girls. They've been to one of the other local shops several times, so it won't be too much of shock, but it's still a wonderfully warm and fun environment. The owner is celebrating World Wide Knit in Public …

Warm Ears...

One of the clearest signs of fall at the library is me moving into my favorite knitted headband. Made from slightly less than a single skein of Karabella Aurora 8, it's a huge part of my fall and winter wardrobe. There's something to be said for keeping your head warm.

Which is probably why my mom requested one. These knit up fairly quickly and are invaluable on days one doesn't feel like having hat hair.

Pattern: Hugs and Kisses with Love Headband from by Nancy Bowron from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders

Modifications: I do the hugs and kisses cables, but not the hearts and I make it a little narrower than called for.  I prefer just the ribbing in the back for snugness. From looking at Ravelry, it looks like a lot of us leave the hearts out.

I don't have anybody local that carries Karabella Aurora 8 so one of the trips down to Ewetopia Fiber Shop I asked Kathryn for something of equal "sproing." Thank heavens she understood what I meant. Berroco Merino DK and…

Emerging Rainbows...

In what can only be described as a cruel twist of fate from Mother Nature, following an exquisitely sunny and hot May, June temperatures have gone back down and we've had enough rain that I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't relocate to Seattle without noticing.

Gypsy, aside from one escape trip off the balcony, has been working on her sunbeams and snoozing.  I finished up her scrap blanket, from which she monitors my computer usage.  It's done in the Log Cabin Style, starting with ten stitches in the middle, twenty rows per panel, turning counter clockwise I think?  It's very haphazard as it is the leftovers from the full bedspread size log cabin I made last year.  I didn't put any rhyme/pattern to the colors, just grabbed whatever came next out of the bag. It's double thickness--total of 8 squares that I crocheted together.  It's all wool--some super wash, some not.  I'll have to hand wash it--should I ever try to brave washing it...

Beware the thi…