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When Miss V moved off Rav and back to the LnV boards (pre-the Lime and Violet site going down permanently *insert sad here*), the intrepid mizzadamz suggested a swap.

It was my first one of these, I've been trying lots of new things this year--and it was fun pulling things together for my swap partner and then waiting for the mail.

When it arrived Gypsy had to inspect and claim the box for her own. 

We opened to find another box...and Gypsy continued inspection

Would you look at all that cool stuff!!

Yes, there's really a blow up wig. Gypsy thinks she should get to wear it for Halloween. We're negotiating.

A kit to make an adorable sheep!!  I thought it was pencil roving (it kinda seems like pencil roving--just saying) but it's labeled "organic stuffing."  I'm not fully convinced but the kit looks like so much fun! (Just as soon as it isn't 90 degrees  every day....)

And a gorgeous skein of Old Maiden Aunt handpainted yarn--Merino/Bamboo. It'…

Scottish Surprise

A close friend of mine (waves towards Madison, WI) got stuck in the ash cloud from the volcano. She and her husband had been scheduled to fly home and things should have been okay--except for the backlog of fliers trying to get out of the U.K.

Such it was she was left scrambling for accommodations--did anyone know of a place they could crash for a couple of nights while their flight days were pushed back something like 5 days? Hotels were an option but a highly costly one--and this would already cost her in vacation time.

It so happens she was in Edinburgh, where a friend of my mine lives. I've never met that friend, but if you dig through the archives on Hedgehog Librarian, you'll find Jennie mentioned. I tweeted a little frantically.  And Jennie came through for them: a friend had an open flat they could borrow until it was time to fly back.

It was quite the all's well that ends well and they got home safe and to well fed cats (the joy of good cat-sitters!).

And then a p…

The Old Stomping Ground

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if a yarn is blue and green and purple AND in the sale bin at Loopy--I am powerless to resist.

Especially when it's Lorna's Laces.

I saw C the other day and we were on a mission to get yarn for a very interesting pattern that she had shown me.  If I get permission when it's done, I'll link to a picture of it.  Trust me when I say it will be unusual and decadent. The silk-cashmere yarn she picked up as one of her yarn choices was softer than Gypsy's undercoat--which is truly saying something.

I strongly resisted the urge, even though Loopy had St. Denis yarns, even though WOW PINK was a colorway, even though it's the only in person store where I can get Malabrigo Twist.

Only then we went downstairs to the sale bin.

C and I lived in the north-east Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview, which is just by Wrigleyville/Wrigley Field. We were close enough to hear the cheers, deal with the Cubs traffic and pray that baseball seaso…

Oh But It's Pretty.....

Sherri at The Loopy Ewe, in her infinite and sales canny wisdom, started a Twitter account that alerts the faithful to Wollmeise and other coveted yarn updates. I have to respect her, she knows how to appeal to those of us who would love to stalk the site pressing F5 all day but can't.

With the advent of Twitter to phone updates though....

I've only had one major fall down.  I've resisted several updates and sprints to grabbing the shiny yarn.  It was a Sanguine Gryphon Bugga/Skinny Bugga update. A "before Sherri said we need more than this when you ship us yarn" update--so you can imagine the web sprinting that occurred. And I got some of the coveted blue/greens...

Apparently I'm not alone in my love of things blue-green-purple. My sister and I were talking today about how predictable I am in my love of those three colors. Considering what you're gonna see in the updates coming, you will probably agree.

I was good--I grabbed the camera before opening the…

Knitting at 90 Degrees

By 11 a.m. today it was 90 degrees outside. When the apartment hit 90 yesterday I gave in and turned on the AC. Gypsy, previously lethargic, suddenly had energy again. Poor thing needs to be furminated again but I haven't felt like sacrificing another pair of clean pants to her (de-furring the feline = furring the mom)

What news? Well--the ORANGE SOCKS OF DOOM (say that in your best announcer voice) are done! And gone. Too much language inappropriate to a young lady went into those socks, especially as I had to re-knit both feet twice and the size 4" DPNs were making my hands cramp and there was a whole lot of carping at Chez Hedgepig. They were an early birthday gift to C, who has promised to weave in the ends, wash them in wool wash, and enjoy the squishyness next winter. For all that she was encouraging me to knit socks, she seems surprised that I churn through them as my basic on the go project. I'm only on my fourth pair this year. No, wait--four and five are on the n…