Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're Going on a Field Trip

I led a kids knitting group at my library for a couple of years, teaching, cajoling, introducing...doing all those things a leader gets to do.

And one of my favorite things was to take kids with me when I went yarn shopping. I take them to my favorite yarn store in Viroqua, Ewetopia Fiber Shop. It's packed with wooly goodness, hand-dyed yarn by the owner, hand-spun from local spinners, locally grown yarn, plus all sorts of novelties, a loom, wheels, *sigh*....

My car only seats four besides me, so space is limited, but my kids parents have been remarkably cool about letting me abscond with their children for an afternoon/evening, returning them hopped up on wool fumes and Girl Scout cookies, raving about the joys of Merino.

This upcoming trip are three of my older girls. They've been to one of the other local shops several times, so it won't be too much of shock, but it's still a wonderfully warm and fun environment. The owner is celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day so, weather permitting, we can sit outside, knit in public, and enjoy the ambiance. And possibly buy some yarn.

Saturday should be fun!  

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