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Good Mail Days

I keep swearing off yarn buying--why this is I don't know. I love yarn, I use yarn, I share yarn I no longer love with others. It's not a huge portion of my annual budget--though it rivals what I spend on plane tickets.

But then, then my sister has to go and point out that Discontinued Name Brand Yarn had Louet. I have a huge soft spot for Louet Gems, it was one of the first really good yarns that I realized I'd be willing to spend an entire paycheck on with only a minimum of guilt. And did I mention that somewhere on the trip home from Egypt I misplaced one of my new finished fingerless mitts?  I was seriously bummed about that.

I did manage to somewhat restrain myself.  I cleaned them out of Indigo (I bought both skeins), got a bag of Cloud, and picked up some worsted in a color I would normally never buy (citrus) for a project for a friend who is much more orange inclined than I am.

That really should have been enough to tide me over for a bit, right? But then somebody …

Random Gypsy Sighting...

Gypsy is absolutely fascinated with the printer. As soon as I press "print" she's there to watch the paper spit out--either sitting on top peering down or beneath and reaching up to ensure the paper isn't alive.

The black ink hasn't been running properly so I went through about 8 rounds of "cleaning" the other night. The printer obligingly made a lot of printer type noises but no paper was forthcoming. Gypsy was very confused and kept checking to make sure the paper wasn't stuck.

She also is convinced that any box that comes in the house belongs to her. Particularly shoe boxes that are filled with TISSUE PAPER.  

Well Begun is Half Done

Now if only Mary Poppin's magic would work on the rest of the housekeeping so I had more knitting time...

I'm through Sock 1 of my Knitting Olympics Project!! Hooray! Much knitting continued this week as I, Gypsy, and a half-dozen of my friends-in-the-computer cheered Evan Lysacek on to Gold and I watched Season 2 of the Big Bang Theory.  I'm through disc 3--it's waaaaay too easy to say "oh, just one more episode" and suddenly it's the end of the disc. It means much knitting is getting done, though not much else.

I did immediately cast on Sock 2 and I'm through the top ribbing and into the first pattern repeat.  I have another week to get it done and things look pretty good at this point. If life can stay out of my way, we should be alright. Life, job, cat, books, intertubes...these things take up so much good knitting time.

I've been alternating evenings between the socks and the Clapotis.  It changes up the gauge and probably is good for my shoul…

Olympic Knitter Skating...

Gypsy has pretty much had it with me.  Not only did I stay home for two entire days in a row, for three nights now I've plopped down with laptop and knitting needles and the television (which is never on this much at Chez Hedgehog) to engage in Olympic Knitter Skating and Commentary.

Commentary has been kept on Friendfeed, where I and some other library chums have communed with witty comments, judgmental opinions, and much appreciation for the grace and athleticism we saw. Together we gasped at the missed jumps, cheered the Chinese teams to silver and gold, and most recently wondered what the hamsters some of the men were wearing. Ruffles, corsetry, and a tassle all in the same male figure skater's outfit, really? 

I also figured out this evening where a small gray tabby has been hiding the bag of catnip.  She hadn't quite figured out how to open it yet, but I imagine it was only a matter of time.  And it explains why she wouldn't stay out of one of the cupboards. 


Knitting Olympics: Rocky Butte Socks

Just wanted to document that yes, I did cast on during the opening session.  It was a pretty giggle filled evening at Chez Hedgehog.  Gypsy was taking up more than her half of the chair and I was knitting and laughing with friends on Friendfeed--as we watched from our various time zones and empathized that people on the West Coast were a full two hours behind in the broadcast for unknown reasons.

I felt for the Stage Managers at the final stage...trying to get the fourth door to open and was truly impressed by the performance, the music, the poetry and the Punk River Dance....

Of course, since then I've decided I wasn't happy with the gauge and ripped everything out and recast on.  But...that too is part of knitting.  The clock is ticking....

FINISHED: Primavera Socks

Gee...that only took a month from cast on to cast off.  Which would have been fine had I started on January 1 but no....I had to wait until we left for Egypt to start these socks, get a chunk into them, realize that I didn't like the yarn, rip it out, start over....

But while the Women's Moguls were finishing last night, I was whipping down the toe and sewing in the ends.

Project: Egypt Socks Pattern (Rav link): Primavera Socks by Natalja Yarn: Ewetopia Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Amount of Yarn Used: 3/4 skein?  There's still a fair size ball left--not big enough to DO anything, so it's going in the leftovers bin.  
Gypsy's more concerned about who is chasing her tail....

Can't Stop Giggling

Do you love felines?  Do you wonder sometimes what is going on in their heads? Do you occasionally have to banish them to the bathroom for two hours at 3 a.m. so PERHAPS you can get some uninterrupted sleep for the first night this week?

Oh...right...that last one was just me. 


May I recommend Two Lumps, a web comic about two Russian blues. 

I can't stop giggling over it. 

Enjoy :)

An Inability to Restrict Myself

It's a very good thing that project monogamy is not required for knitters.  Because I would be in deeeeeeeeeeeep trouble.

I signed up for the Knitting Olympics over at the Yarn Harlot's place. (Does anyone else ever feel like we're dropping by for a cuppa and chat when she posts? It's my most favorite feed update.)

I'm taking part in the Lime and Violet Fitness Challenge in March and Miss V put out a sock pattern for that: Rocky Butte. As you have probably already noticed, I'm not the speediest or most committed of sock knitters. I'm trying though, and I want more wool socks to wear round the apt and to bed (not really a wear them to work kinda girl either). So those socks will be my

The plan for the next three weeks is: finish the Primavera Socks, start the Evenstar KAL, participate in the Friendfeed UFOlympics with MC and C and a few other FFeeps, and knit these socks.  Oh...and I've got the Clapotis to work on too--on which progress has slowed to a …

Swatching and Appropriate Furrage

I'm typing this one handed.  Gypsy decided that she's quite comfortable sitting on my left shoulder/side of my chest, which requires my left arm under her too support her in this cozy position.  And since putting her down would be cruel and unusual cat treatment *obviously* I can't do that. 

Oh good...she decided to hop down and shun me for a bit for sitting down at the computer. She was dreadfully baffled yesterday. Every single day that I've been home in the last month save one, I've left for work. Gypsy likes to sit by the door and get petted on the way out. Yesterday she let me sleep til 9:15 (that's REALLY late for her) before she knocked a plant off the bookshelf. I got up, fed her, put the tea kettle on the stove and got dressed.  These are all perfectly normal steps in the morning routine for her.  I came back out to the kitchen to make tea and realized she was sitting on the ledge by the door, waiting for me to put my coat on. I went over and petted he…

Head Desk Wednesday

Oh ducklings, how I wish I could tell you stories of knitting. But sadly, in the last 72 hours I've gotten maybe 10 rows done on Primavera Sock 2...possibly 13, I'd have to go look at my row counter.

Yesterday I had good intentions, the kids group that I shepherd started up again. Only, I had two brand new knitters, one of whom wanted to learn English and one Continental.  And sock knitting on tiny needles or a Clapotis and twisted stitches neither one make a good teaching piece. I spent an hour with a little square--changing the yarn from right to left hand and back again. 

Every evening I keep trying to repair a database that keeps blowing up in my face. I'm frustrated, the client is frustrated, I'm praying that by the time I get home today their IT department will have some idea what is going on and why the macros and VBA are imploding. I've already rebuilt the thing twice and it works on my machine, just not when it's on their server. (And the other datab…