Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Inability to Restrict Myself

It's a very good thing that project monogamy is not required for knitters.  Because I would be in deeeeeeeeeeeep trouble.

I signed up for the Knitting Olympics over at the Yarn Harlot's place. (Does anyone else ever feel like we're dropping by for a cuppa and chat when she posts? It's my most favorite feed update.)

I'm taking part in the Lime and Violet Fitness Challenge in March and Miss V put out a sock pattern for that: Rocky Butte. As you have probably already noticed, I'm not the speediest or most committed of sock knitters. I'm trying though, and I want more wool socks to wear round the apt and to bed (not really a wear them to work kinda girl either). So those socks will be my

The plan for the next three weeks is: finish the Primavera Socks, start the Evenstar KAL, participate in the Friendfeed UFOlympics with MC and C and a few other FFeeps, and knit these socks.  Oh...and I've got the Clapotis to work on too--on which progress has slowed to a snail while I beat my head against keyboards and ingest more chocolate than is good for small hedgehogs. 


For the Rocky Butte socks, I think I'll use

I'm going to need another pair of size 3 needles.

And of course I just ordered a whole bunch of needles that are due in probably tomorrow, so justifying a wool store trip is out.  

I wonder if I have another set of size 3 DPNs at work that I could borrow for 17 days.  Hmmmmm.  I have a very very well developed stash of needles at work.  My knitting kids group is spoiled. 

What are you knitting in the next 19 days?

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