Sunday, April 30, 2017

Yet Another May Countdown

That thing where you keep saying "No really, I'll get things started and done earlier...."

The curse of a process knitter.

It's May, well, it is tomorrow. And here I hoped to have at least 4 of my Loopy Academy projects done.

An obviously not completed mitt

Things are starting to finally roll along but I'm definitely not done yet. 

There are six projects on the deadline here...
Make Up Semester
1)  Toy -- the owls haven't been touched in months. No one has wings. One body still to knit. 
2)  Gloves -- I got the cuffs of both done but I'm not through the thumb gusset on either yet, let alone the drama that is knitting fingers. Still, at least underway. 
3)  Bobbles. DONE AND BLOCKED. Need to post final photos here and on Loopy Academy

Spring Semester
1) Buttons -- the knitting is done on the cowl, the buttons are not sewn on. That should be about an hour of work, I hope. 
2) Colorwork.  -- See above. I cranked through one mitt this weekend. This requires several hours of knitting in one place because of the chart but it's not horrible. 
3) Beads -- after I got back from Baltimore the shawl was entirely abandoned. It needs 8 rows, with more beading.

I need to sit down and figure out how much time each project really still needs. 5-6 hours would knock out 2 of them--so I think that might be my first priority. It'd be lovely to hold them until the last week of the month so that they all count for Stash Dash 2017 but I think I'll just need to get through and go back to all of the other WIPs that are piled up on the couch (yes, literally a big pile).

I foresee quite a lot of British television for me in the month of May. Who is with me?   

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