Monday, June 13, 2016

Halfway +

The stress knitting has slowed a smidgeon, mostly because the hands have had to be on the keyboard rather than the knitting needles and no matter how much I'd like to be stress knitting, typing can be slightly more productive in reducing the stressful workload. 

Last weekend I made a run down to Purdue for a two-day workshop. It was rejuvenating and interesting and I got to make plans with a colleague for a spring 2017 project (I said " March" and he was all O_o but realistically that is when we'll be able to look at it.). 

And while there I got to start on skein 3 of 4 for my Firecracker Nuvem. I was very very bored and done with the second skein. The first skein was a push to get through nothing but black, I knew that was going to be tedious but also it was the beginning of the project, so it was exciting. 

Skein 2 was not exciting. It was the least bright of the three skeins and knitted up, the yarn muted further. I was actively struggling to find enthusiasm to finish it. But now I'm onto the first skein with a fair amount of teal in it--which, in all honesty, is a big reason for this project. Pops of teal. Also, look at me past the 50% mark! 

The transition is subtle, I don't think you'll see where skein 2 becomes 3, unlike the change from skein 1 (yes, I realize I should have done 20 rows building into the color from the black, I didn't, oh well). 

It's coming slowly. I am knitting sometimes on the train when I can squeeze space and don't feel like I'm going to be slamming into people. I'm listening to Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle, which is ~14 hours per book and there are 8 books. In theory, I've got almost enough time each week on my commute that I should be able to get through one book a week just on the train. In practice of course, this is not the case. But I'm mostly through book 1 and I'm enjoying it again. there are pieces of the text that I know I had skimmed over in print that, in audio, I cannot fast forward through because it's been so long. And skein 3 has pops of color as I go, so I can pull out a length and there's some bright red coming up or intense yellow to distract me. 

I'm hoping to finish the shawl long before I finish the books. I'd like to get some other knitting done this summer. 

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