Sunday, March 6, 2016

Slow Progress

It was not that long ago that I was knitting 12 pair of socks a year AND other things as well. I'm not sure what it is that's changed of late. Perhaps it's more functional meetings? Things where I'm either leading or actively doing rather than just more passively attending and participating? Winter never helps--knitting with gloves on just doesn't work very well.

I'm on Sock 2 for my Loopy Academy spring.  I just turned the heel and now I've just the leg to finish and that project will be done. I had sort of hoped to be through at least one of the three projects already. The shawl will take a while, though the hat shouldn't be too bad. Still, I'd rather not be panicking at the end of May.

The Philosopher and I are working on slow spring cleaning. Some books went to our local used bookstore for store credit. Of course, some new books followed us home, but not too many. I've bought a few books recently, mostly ones I couldn't get through during the library check out period. And if I'm knitting slowly, I'm reading even more so.

I broke out the hand vacuum tonight. It's a stick vacuum and I need to figure out how to take the handle/stick off so it's less wonky to carry around. I let the Roomba (Finnbar) handle the majority of the living room while I attacked some crannies known for their dust bunnies. I'm always horrified by vacuuming. How could there have been that much cat fur around? I want to immediately take the cats outside and furminate them but it's a little late in the evening for that.

My goal over the next few weeks is to just tackle one small pile each day. If I try to do it all, I'll get frustrated--inevitably. But one pile put away or put into the get rid of, or scanned, or what have you. It will make a difference.

And more knitting. Always more knitting.

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