Monday, January 18, 2016

Without Stitchmarkers

I made it to and from Boston without stitchmarkers. Despite the website assurances of TSA compliance, I'm always a little skeptical about flying with my Knit Kit when I don't check luggage. Poor packing planning beyond that and I realized on the flight out that while I needed a ruler, stitch markers, and scissors, I had none of the three with me.  A friend came to the rescue with a mini ruler, I can make stitch markers out of spare yarn, and I only had wool--which I can break with my the weekend wasn't lost, just not as convenient as it might have been.

I packed three projects--a baby sweater, a shawl, and a pair of socks. I really had expected to spend my travel flying working on the shawl. It got no love at all.

I cast the baby sweater on during the flight out-- much to the confusion of the gentleman in the middle seat. (I always try to sit in the window seat unless flying with the Philosopher--then he gets the window and I take the middle and lean into his space as needed.) I'm trying out the Flax Light pattern with a skein of BMFA Lightweight. 

By the time we reached Boston, I was through the neck ribbing and ready to work on the raglan increases. I did fortunately remember one stitch marker I'd seen in my purse earlier in the week and dug that out to mark the beginning of the round. 

The sock did get cast on, I'll show you how that's coming on Thursday. But most of my knitting time went to the baby sweater. 

I finished the body not too long after arriving back to the frozen tundra currently called Chicago. When I went to sleep last night it said it was -2F/-19C. Right now it's "warmed up" to 8F/-13C.

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