Monday, January 25, 2016

Surprise Mail from Indie Untangled

Have you checked out Indie Untangled? Lisa collates indie dyers and various accessories for those of us who want to buy everything but can't keep track of all of the dyer updates and whatnot. And in another life (okay, college, but still, it was *ahem* years ago) she was my Managing Editor/Editor in Chief. But a lot of time and bad pizza has been had since then.*

Anywho, Lisa was doing some end of the year giveaways to her newsletter subscribers and I won the final mystery package! It arrived the other day and I was eager to dive in and see what treats were in store.


From a Little Teapot Designs was an adorable sheepy lotion bar and cuticle balm. Perfect timing on these, as the radiators are full blast at Chez Hedgehog and my hands are a bit dry as a result.


Next was a sock blank from Berry Colorful Yarnings. I've never gotten to knit from a sock blank, I look at them periodically and think they'd be interesting but with so much sock yarn around here, taking a chance on one hasn't come up yet. Now I can try and see if I like working with pre-knit wool!


I don't think I'll make this into socks, probably a shawlette or something like that. If you like the gradient, she's got several other colors in her shop.

And on the accessories side...


Some very pretty buttons


Some gem like stitch markers from Sploops Inspired! (Where were these in Boston? Oh right, en route)


Thank you Lisa and all of the vendors who donated. This was a lovely surprise to unwrap in January and I can't wait to try everything out.

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