Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Loopy Academy Sophomore Fall Semester Finished

I've just finished uploading my Loopy Academy Sophomore Semester 1 projects. I did a number on my right shoulder cranking through the pair of socks that ended up being project 3 but they are done, off the needles, and in the gift bin for now. (I might reclaim them for myself but right now my sock drawer is full).

Project 2 was the knitted pillow out of Worsted weight yarn. I wasn't anticipating this particular project to be great fun and while the cabled chart was interesting and such, overall, I was less than enthused.


The yarn is Cascade 220 superwash, mixed with a little gray cat fur. (She's fine, she's sitting on my desk mewing at me even though dinner was an hour ago.)


I realized, about halfway through the chart that there was no way I had enough yarn for the original pattern.  You're supposed to knit a long bottom back, then the chart, then more cables for a while, and then a top flap.  And while the pattern clearly said "500 yards" I only had 440. User error, not pattern error.  So, I finished up the charts, made a much smaller than called for flap, seamed and stuffed.

I am already planning what else to do with the yarn.

Project 3 was the socks that I'd just started when last I blogged.




Definitely cranked through these a little too fast, what with also having needed to finish Christmas knitting on several other projects. But they're nice socks and, most importantly, they are done and turned in.  I was glad that I finally set on the socks, I'd been waffling around all fall trying to figure out what I wanted to made. None of the patterns I could come up with seemed right.  This felt like a good use of the yarn.

I'm waiting on approval on TLE for these two projects. That will hopefully come in the next day or so.  It's really interesting to see how much participation has dropped off from last year.  The freshman year galleries were much larger, here it's only 3 pages of pictures for each category. As things continue, I expect it will get even smaller, but more people are starting and working on it so over time there should be really lovely and expansive galleries.

To those still frantically knitting away the last couple of hours, good luck and remember to get things in long enough beforehand to have a toast a midnight!

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