Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sock Show Thursday: Cuff Progress

The socks have been riding around with me but not getting a whole lot of progress--I've been reading a couple of books and had a couple of days off where sock knitting wasn't happening because that's anytime knitting.

Still, I'm further along.


I'm not sure what I expected when I started these, but it wasn't stripes.  The heel and gusset should certainly be all sorts of splotchy and that probably means these are destined for my sock drawer.  Yes, I know I could put in an afterthought heel and take the opportunity to learn something new. I'm doing new on another project, these are just going to have to pool.

I'm amazed it's the first of October already. Two and a half knitting months until Christmas and the holiday knitting hasn't even begun. There's a vague plan, kinda, but nothing on wool. But the dark is coming so much earlier in the evening and I noticed this week when the alarm went off I'm not waking in the light as I was. It's time to take the light box to work--I've tried unsuccessfully using it at home as I'm not one for early rise and light and at night seems counter intuitive for attempting to go to bed. In theory at work I can turn it on while I'm wrangling my inbox. My plants will probably like it as well.

At least the change in light and temperature is a good harbinger of sweater and wool sock season...

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