Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Prudent Shopping

A friend asked for some help with a gift and, as this then involved buying yarn from The Loopy Ewe and a prudent hedgehog does not pay for shipping when she can use the money to buy yarn instead....

First up was some sock yarn from Hedgehog Fibers, which I've been meaning to acquire for ages. The dyer has lovely things and obviously an affinity for hedgehogs. It was meant to be.


As AudioGirl pointed out, I'm buying everything in this strange dark rainbow with hot pink or purple palette of late. Not sure what has spawned that but I had to resist more when we were at Sifu.  It's not exactly a reach from my beloved jewel tones but it does have those interesting pops of grey and rust.


I'm entranced by all the colors though and I think it will be a lovely pair of socks.

Also, because it's football season and we still have more home games tailgates to attend, I grabbed some purple to match the team Philosopher and crew cheer for. I promise it's a bright cheery and redder purple that it may appear. On one computer screen it looks just a little bluer than it should, on the screen where I'm composing it looks downright grape colored.


This yarn has no specific purpose yet. I've a couple of ideas in mind and several people who I am sure would be interested but as yet I haven't committed.  As I said before, I still have Christmas knitting to worry about. But a good stash should be prepared for any eventuality. *sage nod*

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