Sunday, July 5, 2015

Underestimating, but done.

It's a good thing when you over estimate how much yarn a project will need, for while leftovers do build it, a half an extra ball is far more welcome than running out on the bindoff. But when a baby blanket you thought would take 20 skeins only takes 13 and you're in the middle of Stash Dash 2015, you might be slightly less thrilled.

That said, I am very pleased that P's baby blanket was finished in the wee hours of Sunday morning, her baby shower of course having been midday on Sunday.


The pattern is the Log Cabin Baby Blanket from the first Mason Dixon book (which I really must buy one of these days).  The colors were Flamingo, Peony, Pomegranate and Blackberry.  Pomegranate seems to be everyone's favorite color, it's a wonderful jewel-tone.  The yarn is Knit Picks Comfy, which I do like for baby things. Super soft cotton/acrylic and goes through the washer wonderfully, though it did floof a lot in the dryer.


It was washed, dried, and wrapped quickly before certain furry felines could come and see what was up.  It ended up taking 1,342 yards, 12.32 skeins-- granted that's assuming all of them were 50 grams and I found a couple that were 52-53, so your yardage may vary. I also only did about 40 ridges on Block 10 (the purple/pink that the top) rather than 54, mostly because I was running out of time and steam.

And that knocks another 20% of my Stash Dash out of the way, though it isn't the near 40% I'd hoped for if I'm aiming for 5K.  But this does mean I feel a little less guilty about not shooting for 10K, I do have to have a smidgen of sanity left by the end of summer.

I hope P's baby gets a lot of use rolling around and playing on it.  We're looking forward to meeting her in about 6 more weeks.

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