Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Neverending Scarf...No wait, I'm done.

This was a ridiculously long project. 480 yards cotton that seemed to be one of those infinite amounts quite a few times...

IMG_7081 (2)

It is finally finished, blocked, and actually dry and folded up waiting to go into the gift bin.


It was long enough that I broke out one of the new blocking mats that I got for Christmas. [Just as soon as the Philosopher and I get all of our stuff in the dining room sorted again, I need to put all of them down and block all of my shawls.]

I still find the color shifts on the pink end too abrupt for my liking.

IMG_7082 (2)

But the red and brown faded together nicely

Here's a more red look

And then into the browns


And this is what I had left. Something around 10 yards? I could have knit a few more rows but I didn't feel like stretching it when I got to the garter rib ending and I figure a few yards leftover don't actually hurt anything.


The pattern, Upstairs by Wollschnegge, was easily and clearly written. This can be memorized in a few repeats.  I left stitch markers in mostly to improve my semi-autopilot knitting.  I only did 39 stitches, if I knit it again [shudder] I might made it one more repeat wider.

Sweater body is almost done again, I'm on the ribbing and new socks to show you tomorrow!

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