Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sock Show Thursday: Non-Emergently We Go Along

I brought "spare" yarn and needles into work as something of a joke with myself. Work is busy and many of my meetings are not knitting-friendly/appropriate and usually my hands need to be busy on the keyboard. But I set the skein on the desk anyway and three months have ticked by and dang if I don't have a sock. Well, most of one, I need to finish the toe.

2014-04-30 15-07-33.084

Granted, I'd not be this far along if the Emergency Work sock hadn't gone home with me one evening due to lack of purse knitting and impending social activities during which I'm much happier if I'm knitting, but it's not bad progress when you add up the webinars and phone meetings.

I did wind and bring in skein 2, so it's ready to hand when I finish the first sock entirely.  I've decided that these are going into my sock drawer, which after last winter is looking heavily used.  Nothing developed holes--the benefit of having as many pairs as I have made myself--but I don't expect to be that fortunate again and I'd rather be prepared when the snow descends again. Of course, that may yet be this spring...

My goal for 2014 was another 12 pair of socks.  Currently I've finished 4 pair
Bah Bah Bright Sheep
Night Sky
Strawberry Banana

and have this pair and the Philoseleven well underway. So I'm on track, slightly ahead. We'll see how the momentum keeps up over the summer...

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