Thursday, January 30, 2014

Emergency Work Sock

While it is rare that I can make it out of the house in the morning without any knitting, it has happened once or twice and usually by midday, I start getting twitchy. Add to that a commute home earlier this week where I was not only without knitting, but also my tablet had died and therefore I had no reading with me (audiobook saved the day mostly), and it became obvious that a solution needed to be sought.

Meet the Emergency Work Sock. This is the last of the large batch of Koigu KPPPM that I purchased a couple of springs ago from Loopy.  My goal with this sock is to leave them in my cube for webinars, conference calls, and the occasional five minutes where I just need to knit a few rounds between the crazy.

2014-01-30 10-22-41.528

I'm intending for these socks to be a long term project, probably done by December but I'm certainly not in a rush. Other socks will follow me around trains, bars, etc.

We're almost up to freezing temperatures today, hovering in the high 20s, so of course we're expecting more snow and there's more predicted for the weekend. I'm adding in a quick trip to the car guy tomorrow morning, there's a light on in the car and while he assures me that it's probably nothing, I'd like to affirm that before Winter Storm Why-Are-They-Naming-Them bears down on Chicago. Rumor has it we're expecting anywhere between 0-10" of snow in the next three days, so I expect to be spending quality time shoveling out the car again.

I've been thinking about a couple more new hats for next winter and a new scarf or two, I'd like few more options to pull out for deep winter days. Hopefully those can be started in June or some month that doesn't remind me of snow.

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