Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Few Rows Here, A Few Rows There, It's like a Sunday School Outing

Bonus points if you know what movie quote I'm mutilating.

There was a big spurt of progress on Monday and Tuesday; I was attending a regional conference--which surprisingly turned out to be more of a national conference than I had expected; and I spent the better part of 12 hours listening to people and charging through a sock.

At the end of that time, I'd turned the heel and was through the gusset of yet another pair of socks for the Philosopher. These are Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Mediumweight Socks that Rock and being knit up on size 1 needles. My only picture is a snapshot I grabbed during the conference on my tablet.

It's a little more red and less orange than that. I'm actually expecting to have those magic words "a bit of free time" this weekend and looking forward to taking better pictures for you. For now, know it's very red, intended to reflect a fire frame of mind (this was one of the Tina's not-perfect skeins). 

I took it with me this morning to work but knit only about ten rows on the commute in. I ended up playing Sudoku all the way home while I was listening to Terry Pratchett's Men at Arms

The sweater continues. I spent far longer than I expected picking up stitches for the first of the collars--it's a two layer collar.  I haven't decided if I'm going to do both collars or not, fortunately I don't have to make that decision until the first one is bound off in another 8 rows. Each row is running about 275 stitches and I have to pay a bit of attention so the ribbing doesn't get off, so that's taking a bit of time as well. 

The other two pair of socks currently in progress around here are sitting in their project bags looking at me reproachfully. Again, I'll have some downtime in the next couple of days so in an ideal world I may make some effective progress.  Or I'll have a fair number of half finished socks floating about, one of the two.  

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