Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How Many is Too Many?

Last weekend at a birthday party, the Trombonist asked how many pairs of socks I'd knit and what black hole they all went down that I was always knitting more. A reasonable question, as while we were both attending said party I fidgeted through the better part of half a sock on size 0 (2 mm) needles while almost everyone else was emptying the various coolers of beverages.

I know generally where my socks go: the Philosopher, AudioGirl, the Incredibly-Patient-Mother, and me. Just now I went back through Ravelry and had a quick count of who has gotten socks.

The Philosopher's are easy; I've named all of his Philoso-number. A brilliant naming scheme, right?  But I knew immediately that I'd just cast off Pair 8 for him.  He and AudioGirl are now tied, though she doesn't get her Pair 8 until Christmas; I have to fix the toes.

The IPM is up to 9 pair and I've kept 20 pairs.  That's right, I have almost enough for three weeks worth of fresh hand knit socks every day without having to do laundry. Come next serious winter, I should be absolutely set.

Of course, a couple of pairs I need to do some modifications on and one sock has a dropped stitch that I need to fix but in general I have more 15 pair in regular rotation. I think that makes for a pretty excellent selection.  Oddly, most of them are blue. I've bought a lot of blue sock yarn.

Other recipients include OAmy (2), Sibling the Elder (1), Slippers for M (2), Philosomom (1), and the Counselor (1).  That doesn't include OAmy's most recent pair, I'm just starting the gusset decreases on Sock 1. More on that on a Thursday.

All told I've knit 52 pair of socks plus one in progress*.  That might explain why the leftovers from sock knitting are starting to overflow their own bin.  Of course, I've still got another 20 ish skeins that I'm planning to turn into socks and some more super bulky that is getting converted into slippers. The sweater yarn is calling to me again though.

(Only one pair on the needles? Don't worry, more pairs are loaded and waiting in their project bags.)


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  1. 52 pairs of socks ... you are my hero! I'm still working on my first two pairs though I can absolutely see how sock knitting could become addictive.


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