Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Almost Halfway

Well begun is half done

The Mary Poppin's-ism is fairly true here. As I went to take photos the other day I realized that I'm working on the 6th square for the Blonde's baby blanket and, as I'm only planning on 12 squares, that puts me just about to the halfway mark.

These are going more slowly than I'd like, mostly because I'm only knitting on them at home. I've just started listening to Quicksilver (Stephenson) on the train and that's going to be 30+ hours, so I need to toss three skeins into a bag for the commute.


This photo is from a little bit ago but shows you my planned color repeats. It's really vibrant. I was worried the blue might drag it down a little but it keeps the yellow and orange from entirely searing the retinas.  The whole thing kind of radiates cheerfulness, which seems appropriate for an infant.


And proof of finished. These are my finished squares so far.I'm working on the yellow outside one right now and I'm to the yellow.

Unpictured as yet is a new kitchen rug for Chez Hedgehog. I've still got all of those cones of cotton and we don't have one so I've got two pounds of cotton knitting up on size 11 needles/60 stitches. I have about a foot of width so far. I'm just planning to knit until I run out of yarn. I've done that before when I did AudioGirl's bathroom rug. She swears by how squishy it is and anything that makes washing the dishes more enjoyable that I can then use to mop the floor is okay by me.  Hmmmm, maybe I should make two so we can rotate them out. I've got a pound of yellow and one of green....

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