Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yarn Con: Yarn Content

Sidenote: Kristin asked about the footnotes in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell--they're narrated in at the appropriate point with a "Footnote 1" at the beginning to indicate.

Getting back to YarnCon, I found I had actually had a bit of ennui when it came to yarn purchasing.  No, I didn't have a fever. Of late, I've found that while I stare at yarn stores rather covetously and imagine buying all the things, it's harder to purchase things just because they are beautiful. I have beautiful yarn in my stash and realistically I'm 2 years away from running out of single skeins that are destined to become socks (current count: 28-32 skeins depending on if I really think they'll be socks today; averaging 1 pair of socks per month). So, as I wasn't really looking for a sweaters or giant shawl's worth of yarn (and many smaller dyers don't commit to that quantity, understandably), and I wasn't on a sock binge, it was a little harder to commit. 

I did pick up something from Fleur de Fiber.  I'd gotten a skein of her yarn from Windy Knitty when that shop first opened and the Philosopher has just recently claimed it to be made into socks for him.* As I haven't knit that up yet, I opted for some of her Mawata silk hankies. 


The colors aren't perfect here, but photographing these were a challenge. I could NOT get focus.  I've  been meaning to try silk hankies since the Yarn Harlot blogged about them. I'm going to try fingerless mitts with them, but hopefully I can make them full mittens if I have enough.  Philosopher asked how I'd make yarn--I demonstrated using the technique Carin showed on her podcast (start at about 5:50).


And then we went back to the Sophie's Toes booth. This was one of the busier booths, full enough of people that it was a little hard to get to see all of the beautiful things that she had. Philosopher had commented on one skein on our first pass through, though and that's a good reason to go back.

For him, soon or eventually to be fingerless mitts:


This is the Flannel colorway


And for me, in all the warm fall colors called Good Earth


And with that, we were off to see dinosaurs in 3D! The movie still holds up as a great adventure, though I was struck at how different it might have been if they'd had cell phones. Can you believe it's been 20 years since it first came out?

*Yes, he's spoilt. I let him and AudioGirl rummage through my bin of "these skeins into socks next" and they each picked out a couple of skeins for their next sock gifts. Must remember to send the Incredibly Patient Mother similarly rummaging next time she is local.

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