Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Sock Show: 3 for price of 1

It's a Thursday and I actually have time and energy to blog! Hooray!  My sock knitting, let me show you it.

You already saw the Philosofive Socks last week. I'm currently waiting on said Philosopher to come home so that I can make him try on Sock 1, which is ready to be cast off entirely and Sock 2, where I think I'm ready to start the toe but need verification. They continue to be eye searingly bright.


And Gypsy continues to be a good photography helper:


I had to check my archives to see if I'd shown you the Cinnamon socks and I see that they did make an appearance in January. They're finally done now.  I have officially cast off Pair 1 for 2013.  These are going in the long range gift planning box. They have a destination but not for a few more months.


I'm now through my first skein of DIC Classy. It's not the softest yarn I've ever worked with but I think it will wear nicely for socks. That yarn was from the now closed Knitter's Niche here in Chicago and I'm glad it's now been turned into socks. Mindless meeting knitting and socks appear.

Finally, I've started on what will end up being my March or Pair number 3 socks for 2013. Well, at least 3, at the rate I knit on larger needles they might end up being pair 4 or 5.  Armed with Berroco Sox and size 0 needles and a three and a half day conference (1 pre conference day, 2.5 conference days) wherein I did a LOT of running, I achieved this much sock:

This cell phone picture was taken just after the final speaker wrapped up and we were starting to clear everyone out to go home.  They've gotten a little bit of love in the following week, I think I'm about to a toe now.


Second picture is closer to color and, as you can see, shows my inside out stitch definition beautifully.  These are also gift bin socks.


Philosopher has, since I started this post, arrived home and tried on Sock 1, which is now bound off and confirmed the length of Sock 2, which is now on DPNs for the toe.  So before the week is out I will have two pairs of socks done and off the needles!! Not bad for a week from the end of February. At this rate I could be well into sock 2 of my current third pair.

Now if the other works in progress around Chez Hedgehog would stop making me feel guilty.

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