Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Miscellaneous Pyewacket Picture

I have *so much* to show and tell you about! I spent the better part of four days knitting.  My hands are a little sore but there was progress. Also, there were some things already gifted that unfortunately you'll not see.

But for now, a feline to tide you through the day.

Pye doesn't especially like sleeping under blankets, but she agreed to pose for you.


She's under my giant log cabin squares blanket, which I need to photograph on the bed, because the couch cover is totally borking up my camera--it being far lighter in color than any of the afghan squares.

I still need to crochet around the edge of the blanket to give it some firmness but it was in heavy rotation for a year before I got ends woven in (that's now done), so I'm not in too much rush.


  1. Pye sure looks cozy!

    I used to think that no cat enjoyed being beneath blankets, but then I met my boyfriend's cat. He will sleep through the night completely underneath the blanket by our feet.

    It's kind of funny because the other cat will start meowing because he can't find him!

  2. Ah, yes the lost felines. Pye looses Gypsy pretty regularly in our several room apartment. There's a very specific meow for that.


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