Monday, August 9, 2010

Humidity and the Hedgehog....

If you were guessing by knitting alone, I'm not sure you'd peg this month for August. Heaven knows my hands are full of wool and I just keep chugging away with the needles.

First though, a brief note about philodendron. My mother apparently grows the heartiest strain of these on the planet, which she was so good to share with AudioGirl and me when I moved to La Crosse.  AudioGirl's is presently living atop an 11' built in china cabinet and it has a long leafy strand that quite nearly reaches the floor. I do not envy her watering duties.

I offered a friend a cutting of mine the other day.  First I had to disentangle them--I have two pots that appear to be two different types. The one which became the cutting is bushy, has 2-3" leaves, and wraps all over the place. The other version has stems that are easily thicker than my thumb and leaves bigger than my hands.  I hacked off one piece to show you--and to try and give the skinnier pieces a chance.

IMG_4348This strand is about 8' long. And I have piano player hands--I play a ninth comfortably and can reach a tenth without too much effort, though not usually mid-piece.

IMG_4349But cuttings were taken and potted and hopefully they will survive in her office. If not--she's getting one of the completely unkillable spider plants.  These things have survived smoky apartments, moving across multiple state lines, and Gypsy. 

Anyway, onwards to knitting.  I still haven't finished weaving in the ends of the baby blanket.  Which, considering the Blonde is due on Tuesday, might need to get done very soon.  *sigh*....I hate weaving in ends. But I do have Season 3 of Numb3rs to get through and no excuses.

Here it is pre-wash/pre-ends woven in. It's going through the washer/dryer before it heads east.

Baby Blanket

Pattern: Modern Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting
Modifications: Added a few extra panels, changed edging to applied I-cord, didn't do the entrelac panels
Yarn: Knitpicks Comfy Sport in Fedora, October, Sweet Potato and Jalepeno, less than 13 skeins (some partials in that)

I'm in a 5K stashdown for the year--of course, that would mean I use stash rather than buying new yarn, but I'm counting all the knitting I'm doing in KnitMeter to at least see how much I do make it through. I was keeping ballbands and made it through several pounds of yarn over the last couple of years.  Currently I'm over 4100 yards for the year, which is over 2 miles. I need to get through a lot more before the end of the year but hey--I have more projects going...

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