Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh Hai April....

Let's declare March the fabulous failure that it was and move on. There was some knitting in March. There had to have been. But dang if I can figure out what.

I started the month with a UFO List

One Multnomah Shawl
3 afghans (one just needs ends woven in)
One cat bed
One scarf (again, ends and blocking)
2 pair fingerless gloves
One pair socks
Various Washcloths
Whatever else is living in the one chair in the living room....

And I finished the month with an almost identical UFO list.

The washcloths are done. They're either stockinette with a garter border or just garter squares. Oooh, ahh, not very exciting.

I spent a lot of time working on an orange sock out of Merino/Cashmere/Nylon dyed by the Plucky Knitter (who has AMAZING colors btw). I would probably be on my second sock but for realizing after turning the heel that it was too big and I wanted it smaller. *sigh*....rippit rippit rippit. It's a plain 2x2 rib cuff, flap/gusset heel, with the top of the foot continuing with 2x2 rib. I know, you're yawning. I'll make socks, I just tend to not want to have to think about them.  A certain former roommate has implied that this is okay so long as any extra pairs appear in her mailbox.

I'm past the heel again on sock 1 and over halfway down the foot. I think I'm within ten or so rounds of starting the toe.  And then...I get to do it again. The suspense takes your breath away doesn't it. Be grateful I'm not torturing you with the log cabin garter stitch leftover squares that are my computer knitting. At least with socks there's hope for gusset flap excitement.

Let's change it up, shall we? How about the other sock I cast on towards the end of March:  a 3x1 rib!  The excitement, the chaos! At least it's Colinette Jitterbug. I purchased this yarn last spring on a trip to Milwaukee with The Master Sargent and yes, I've heard I need to set the dye the first time I wash said completed socks. A little vinegar in the initial rinse should do nicely, right?

The colorway is Kingfisher and it contains all of my favorite colors: black, purple, blue, and green. If you browse through my stash at Ravelry, you might have noticed a slight tendency towards these shades. Perhaps.

In case you're wondering, I knit my socks--and almost everything else circular--inside out. I can knit right side out but for whatever reason, it's more comfortable for me to have the right side inside.   I took those pictures today--so that's exactly where I am at: ready to pick up the gusset stitches on heel 1.  I know the cuffs aren't particularly long, Colinette is a little shorter on the yardage and I'd rather have leftovers than an odd colored toe on sock 2. Someday I really need to get Wendy's book and the scale my older sister swears by...

In the interim, I've been shopping and I DID cast on something new and actually challenging for April. expected unexpected surprise...


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