Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Mix-Up: Or Why I Don't Have My March Project on the Needles

My plan for March was to knit the Cat's Paw Scarf. However, of late I've gotten the cleaning bug. Nothing like things starting to thaw and seeing some of the snow piles melt down to only a foot or so taller than I am to make one look around and go "Ahh! Too many UFOs! Too many little balls of leftover yarn!"  So in March, instead, I'm tackling the UFO pile.

The Current UFO Pile:

One Multnomah Shawl
3 afghans (one just needs ends woven in)
One cat bed
One scarf (again, ends and blocking)
2 pair fingerless gloves
One pair socks
Various Washcloths
Whatever else is living in the one chair in the living room....

This is a fair amount of stuff to have lying about unfinished. And while I am ambitious, I'm not sure I can get all of it done in the next twenty four days. It took two weeks of dedicated slacking and only knitting to get the socks done as well as to meet the February deadline for the Clapotis.  I haven't even started my Evenstar KAL shawl and the third clue is due out in a week. 

While taking some pictures for my sister the other night, I did some stash culling and organizing. Don't gasp all at once, I only got rid of a half dozen or so skeins.

Gypsy helped with the sorting.

I got out the leftover worsted weight wool from one of the afghans and the various cotton leftovers. I cast on a cat bed with the former and ugly washcloths with the latter.

Ugly washcloths are where I try to pay no attention; I just cast on 30 stitches and knit until the yarn runs out (size 9 needles/5.5 mm). Add another color, work until it's big enough or you run out of yarn. Of the three I've finished so far, only one is an amalgamation of yarns that really don't go. I'm almost through ugly washcloth four and number five will go on the needles right after that.  Then I "should" be out of leftover cotton yarn and just down to the cone that I need to knit up. As I knit I remind myself that I can still wash the kitchen floor with mismatched yarn.  Yes, I wash the kitchen floor with hand knitted items--they work well with the dry sweeper stick. 

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  1. At least you had the nerve to make a list. I need to but am afraid.


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