Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Calling It...

I've decided I'm going to try and get both semesters of Loopy Academy done this spring.

Today is March 1 and I'm at 85% on the owls, 80% on the shawl, and 0% on the gloves.

Remember where I was all 100% on all three projects by March 1? Or at least something greater than 0%? 

I've started on the border for the shawl finally. I have 16 repeats of 48 rows. And it's kind of fiddly but not too much. There's pretty obvious structure to how it builds up and when you increase, although I'm going to be relying on a post it note and hash marks to keep me on track. 

The owls need wings. And I probably will need to knit one more owl. The wings are fiddly and my fiddly time has been overrun with deadlines for teaching, presenting, and research.  

And the gloves are still a ball of wool. That said, I'm attending a conference tomorrow and other than one 7 minute presentation, I mostly just get to listen. Listening is compatible with 2x2 ribbing. So I have hope for some progress tomorrow. 

Philosopher and I also took a whole vacation day (I know, right?) -- which generally means we only both worked 4-6 hours on various things and took some time in the afternoon to go to the Chicago Botanic Garden for the Orchid Show. 

It was lovely and bright. Orchids are so showy. We were joking about ones that looked overdone and ones that looked like they were being a little too forward with their personal parts. It's small wonder these were considered very sexual in the Victorian era... We also found at least one plant that looked like it was shouting at us. My shots came out fuzzy though...

I've just placed my order for Spring Semester. I have patterns picked out and now I just need to acquire a beading crochet hook. I have three months and three different plane trips between now and deadline...hopefully I can put all that time to good use!

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