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With My Feline...

Gypsy is on my lap again. She ignored me while I was sitting on the couch, vaguely absorbing a KnitGirllls episode. But the minute I came back into the office to work for a couple of hours, she had to be next to me, near me, on top of me.

This can be rather challenging, I frequently need part of my desktop to put documents out. And a gray cat directly in front of my second monitor defeats the purpose. Or she'll put the smackdown on my hand while I'm trying to use the mouse.

Up and down she hops, wandering around behind the laptop, flopping over on her side. Often she ends upon my lap when I get frustrated. Currently, she's trying to shove me away from the desk--kicking her back foot against the desk --my chair is on wheels. She's strong for eight pounds of fur, all of which she is shedding.

I do get irritated with her. It's hard not to when she's nearly knocking over my drink, spilling my papers on the floor again, smacking her tail against the mouse and moving…

Sock Show Thursday: Greenly Yours

It's Thursday and the only thing I have knit on this week is hey, sock show! After a highly productive Monday and some decent added rows on Tuesday, the toe up socks got left at home.

I am close to the top and being done and I had a couple of stretches for knitting on Wednesday. I didn't want to run out or need to carry two projects or be trying to count rows, so the socks are sitting next to my laptop.

 Instead, I am back to working on the green socks! It is nearly St. Patrick's Day so they feel appropriate again. These are top down, on size 1(2.25mm) needles, and it's the second sock of the pair, so I feel quite like I am zooming along. Which might be over estimating it a hair. But I have been increasingly eyeing my stash and I would like to get a couple of projects out of the in progress bin and free up some needles and space.

 Ha, yes I crack me up too. It's a lovely idea but I know eventually there will just be more projects in the needles. In th…

Chug Chug Chug

Today I feel like the little engine that could. Apparently what I needed to break the taking-forever cycle on these socks was to attend a lecture and an open mic night.

That incredibly dark photo was last night at the bar. The sock had a good time getting to see a friend of ours doing a half hour set. And look where I am now!
In 15 more rows I'll be DONE! Of course, by my count that's at least an hour more of knitting, but it's a fairly measurable amount and one that seems possible yet tonight. Whether or not I can get through enough grading for that, we'll see, but there is hope. 
And then, I have to get back to those baby sweaters I was working on. It was nearly 70 today. And must start preparing for Stash Dash this summer. (dates just announced 5/27-8/15)

Slow Progress

It was not that long ago that I was knitting 12 pair of socks a year AND other things as well. I'm not sure what it is that's changed of late. Perhaps it's more functional meetings? Things where I'm either leading or actively doing rather than just more passively attending and participating? Winter never helps--knitting with gloves on just doesn't work very well.

I'm on Sock 2 for my Loopy Academy spring.  I just turned the heel and now I've just the leg to finish and that project will be done. I had sort of hoped to be through at least one of the three projects already. The shawl will take a while, though the hat shouldn't be too bad. Still, I'd rather not be panicking at the end of May.

The Philosopher and I are working on slow spring cleaning. Some books went to our local used bookstore for store credit. Of course, some new books followed us home, but not too many. I've bought a few books recently, mostly ones I couldn't get through duri…