Saturday, April 9, 2016

Something Ventured, Socks Gained

My first pair of socks for Loopy Academy Spring Semester are done!


It's my first pair of toe up socks, knit from Into the Whirled Pakkoku Sock in the colorway 221b.  I'm not sure I quite get the Sherlock reference myself, but I do like the colors. It's a decent yarn base, knits up nicely on 2.0mm(size 0) needles.


The socks weigh 72 grams, which uses up enough of the skein to pass for this assignment.

I heavily used Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up and, as expected, her directions are clear and easy to follow. I got through a toe and a gusset heel with a minimum of fuss, though I still was bogged down on the ribbing on the leg. Normally ribbing doesn't phase me, it's just something to be done and I can put my brain into autopilot and churn away. Not on these.


For now they've gone in the gift bin. They are my size, which is fine, but I need to go through my sock drawer and determine what I'm going to wear and whether or not the various socks piling up will fit someone else. If I were just a size 9...this would be a lot easier.

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