Missing + Sophomore

Somewhere, on Sunday, I misplaced a bag of knitting. It was a pair of socks started recently out of the BMFA that I'd just gotten. I was only an inch or so into the ribbing, but the yarn, needles, and project bag have all disappeared. I checked with the friends I saw that day and can't seem to locate it. Currently my best guess is that I set the knitting bag on top of the car, walked away from it, and someone grabbed it. It was a cute bag.

The good news is that my Loopy Academy Sophomore Fall Semester yarn showed up.  Fall projects include: cables, textured, and a pillow.  I restrained myself and did not go for one of the large textured shawls beckoning from my queue.  This fall is busy enough without my needing to make myself entirely crazy with knitting deadlines. Besides, that's what Christmas is for.


A quick snap on the desktop.

The brown Cascade 220 superwash will become the pillow project; the Loopy Solids is for a pattern in the just released Knitty Deep Fall Issue, and the Mrs. Crosby will be for a cowl. I really love the Satchel Bag base from Mrs. Crosby. It feels so wonderfully decadent. I am *almost* looking forward to winter because I'll get to wear the mittens I made out of it last fall.

Nothing is due until December 31, so I've some time. But I am looking forward to starting these sooner rather than later. Or at least as soon as I get more socks on the needles, what with that current pair missing...


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