Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Haul from Stitches Midwest

The Philosopher and I did make it over to Stitches Midwest, mostly because he wanted to go to IKEA and it's around the corner. Granted, we forgot to get the shelf which was one of the primary reasons for going and oddly, neither of us were hungry which meant no meatballs but I suppose we need more reasons to go back again.

This round at Stitches Midwest was mostly grabbing a few things from vendors I already know and like. I found it interesting how much more I saw in semi-solids and also in muted colors. My purchase won't reflect that at all but it did appear to be a trend. Mini-skeins are also ridiculously popular.  That always makes me laugh because the Unique Sheep has been doing miniskein gradients for many years.

Anyway, I ended up with yarn from some familiar dyers.

First up was Dragonfly Fibers, whose vibrant colors I continue to be fascinated with.



I love that pop of bright orange, it'll be so interesting when it's knit up. "Just to one more orange pop" I can already hear myself saying. The colorway is African Daisy.

Next I was thrilled to find that they're still dying the colorway that I grabbed to make the stoplight hat that survived last winter. It's been renamed "Chief Black Hawk"



My one new vendor this year was Knitting Notions


This was purchased with some gift knitting in mind, though I'm not sure if I'll get to it this fall. It's a richer, darker blue than I could get it to photograph.  More of a primary blue than you see here.

Of course, I had to make a stop in Lisa Souza's booth and see her and her husband. And this skein should look familiar.


That'd be the same colorway that I knit up in June for Andromeda.  I was hoping to find it on one of her other bases--but as we chatted she pointed out that a lot of people aren't looking for potential pooling issues with their sweaters. I generally agree with that, so I'll send her a special order at some point for a couple of skeins of worsted or DK.

I also stopped in the Verdant Gryphon's booth. I only have one skein left of my original Sanguine Gryphon haul from years back. The pair behind that split into Verdant and Cephalopod Yarns--the latter of whom sadly stopped dying last summer. The Verdant Gryphon continues to have the lovely colors I fell in love with.


And that's all. As I said, it was a short trip.  I always drool over new and shiny yarns but I have so much here at home and it's hard to justify all the new sock yarn when I'm not knitting it or another sweater quantity when I haven't started a new sweater in well over a year.  Also, my yarn is still busting out of it's bins (a little more so now) and all that Wollmeise is still giving me dirty looks.

So these need to get assigned but otherwise I need to dive back into the stash and dig out the beautiful things I have here.

And not just buy more BMFA....

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  1. Ooh, I love Knitting Notions' yarn. I got a skein from her many years ago that became a Damson shawl (Ysolda pattern - surprise!) and the yarn is just beautiful. I keep oggling it at Sheep & Wool and may just buy some more this year it's so lovely.


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