A Long Spice Route

I finished up my first Knit-Up-Some-Wollmeise project!!  The Spice Route scarf, which a number of people chimed in to like, was knit up out of Amazonas. My research partner Lisa suggested that color and I think it turned out quite nicely.


The finished scarf is about 6' long by 10" wide? Ish? I didn't measure carefully but it's 7 blocking mats and a smidge.


The blocking isn't as exciting, but the close ups give you a better sense.

Dropping all of the stitches at the end was fun.  Wollmeise isn't a particularly sticky yarn, certainly moreso than anything with silk or tencel but I'd get 10-15 stitches dropping at a pull, so it widened out quickly.

I've got about 200 yards left from the skein, those 150g put ups are very generous, and I'm thinking about matching mitts to go with this scarf. Somewhere around here I printed a pattern, but I'm not sure where it went.

How long do you think it was after I walked away from blocking the scarf that certain little furry people went and sat on it? 5 seconds? 10?


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