Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On the Verge

I have become convinced that I can knit 3 large shawls, finish a pair of socks, and knock out a hat in 5 days.

Can you tell I'm about to travel?

I'm headed out to San Francisco on Friday, the Philosopher remains behind at Chez Hedgehog with the felines. And while I'm woefully underprepared in the packing, getting a manicure, and most of the other things I need to arrange before flying out, I do have travel snacks and apparently now I have some idea what knitting I'm taking.

I realized last night that I'd not started planning my travel knitting--probably because I've had more travel than usual and thus the anticipation of being away doesn't have the novelty it usually does. But here will be two long days of flying (I have a 40 minute connection in LAX, who wants to bet Chicago weather doesn't let me get through that?).  And a conference to attend in the middle, though there I will be running about being Madame Chairwoman and trying to pin down an errant research partner. I know better than to truly believe that will give me much knitting time.

I can hope though, can't I?  My roommate C won't mind if I need her bed Monday night to block one of the two newly finished shawls (the other one blocking on my bed of course), right?

I say all of this as my travel knitting presently looks like this:

Yup, all still in skein format, haven't even wound it yet--though I'm nearly done with one of the little grey skeins.  

I also have my bin of needles in by my desk, that's the other challenge of the evening, figuring out what needles I need for which project and saying very loud prayers that the four patterns I've picked (yes, four) don't all actually need the same needles.  I'd at least like some variety on this trip.

What do you think, two shawls for the flight out?  Oh, and the sock that is still bouncing around my purse?

P.S. I have finished a hat and the Wollmeise scarf that I've been puttering away on, also some super sekrit knitting, but that all has to be blocked before it's ready for prime time.

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