Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sock Show Thursday: Dark Rainbows

This KPPPM yarn wasn't actually in my stash very long, I bought it last winter with the Philosopher as we were headed to a show at the House Theater in Chicago. It went to work to be in-office socks, KPPPM seems very good for that, but they ended up following me around other places as well. So instead of taking several months, they only took 2.  Not bad for my 8th finished pair this year.

IMG_7217 (2)

My favorite part about these was seeing what color would come next. I'm sure it sounds incredibly simple but I would get fascinated watching to see "ooh there was green" and wondering where I could find a whole skein of that shade of dark teal that just doesn't show up in the photographs.

IMG_7220 (2)

I'm not out of KPPPM and yet I am. I only have the 5 skeins in a blueberry colorway that I keep meaning to make into something larger than socks. I think Nina is the only shop that carries it locally, perhaps it's time for another field trip there.

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