Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sock Show Thursday: New Socks and a Loss

The weekend before last I flew to Las Vegas to attend a conference. No other city prompts people to ask if I got out and went crazy or to be quite so disappointed when I say, no, I was really in meetings the better part of 9 hours a day, yes, I really had meetings starting at 8:30 a.m., and no, neither the Philosopher or I hit jackpot.

I also managed to lose a skein of yarn before ever stepping foot in Vegas. Probably still somewhere in an American Airlines overhead bin, is this skein. 

IMG_6991 (2)

The Acadian yarn from Fleur de Fiber didn't make it to the hotel room.  I'm bummed about that. I only see that dyer infrequently and she doesn't have an online store so getting more will be a bit of a challenge.  

I didn't do much knitting while we were in Vegas, mostly working on the Philosopher's purple triangle as I Madame DeFarge'd my way through a rather tense meeting. On the flight home, however, I did begin a new pair of socks, much to the consternation of the guy in the seat next to me. 

IMG_7132 (2)

This is another independent dyer near me: Emily Parsons of Sophie's Toes. The colorway is called Good Earth, but I think it looks more like Pumpkin Patch. It's all the warm and fuzzy fall colors squished into a single skein.  

IMG_7131 (2)

They'll be beautiful socks and very squishy--as the yarn base has cashmere in it.  

This pair is listed as Pair 8 for 2014.  Of course, that counts my second pair of emergency work socks as pair 7 and they haven't been touched in probably 2 weeks. I'm hoping to have a few more webinars to listen to in the near future so that I can work down the foot of sock 1 and move on to sock 2.  These fall socks though are going into the train rotation pretty soon though and that will hopefully move them along.  

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