Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

While I can't give you a definitive answer on nature, I can give you a definitive answer on felines, at least those at Chez Hedgehog. They don't like vacuums but they're learning to co-exist with Finnbar the Roomba. We've got a couple of artificial walls that go with it and Pye and Gypsy have figured out pretty quickly that if they stay outside the room where Finnbar is, he can't get to them.  I brought Finn in to do our home office today and they sat just outside and watched. As soon as his "I'm done" music finished, Pye was in here, demanding to be petted.

But nature must be in my stash because no sooner had I patted myself on the back regarding the new dents I was making than Webs put up one incredible offer: Cascade yarn, already on clearance, at a further 15% off.  I did some math and realized I could get more than enough yarn for 2 sweaters and a shawl for less than what a sweater along would regularly cost.  

IMG_7094 (2)

First up is a bulky weight. The color is slightly more gray than it's rendering here on my monitor.  I've been meaning to make the Owls Sweater by Kate Davies for a while but didn't have enough bulky weight yarn. I did the math and bought 8 skeins of Cascade 128, which should also give me enough to make another City Shawl .  I have two of those already and have made quite a few more.  It's a great quick knit. 

Second is some classic Cascade 220.  I picked this up because it's Tweed.  


That wonderful black brown just yells academia to me and I have various visions of a structured sweater.  Not sure what pattern, it might have to marinate a few years first, but with 8 skeins of this as well, I should have plenty of options.

Of course, there comes the question of storing all of this wool. Fortunately, my current sweaters in progress continue apace and AudioGirl and I are going to be discussing her taking some of my non-wool yarn out of the stash next week. Plenty of room.  At least, so I keep telling myself. 

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