Friday, May 30, 2014


I reached that point today in a meeting. You know the one, where you look down, realize you've nearly finished a sock and you're in a public place and so can't take your shoe off to try on said sock to find out how much further you need to knit? That one.

Four months ago I began the Emergency Work Socks and now, here, I'm... done. Well, almost, I still have a toe to finish but that's practically done. It's done enough that I am going to have to take the skein of yarn I was planning to leave here with me this evening because I'm not headed straight home and so I'll need it for knitting. I guess I'll bring it back with me on Monday, it will depend on how much I charge through this evening.

Of course, that assumes that this stays a sock. Currently I'm thinking about swinging past Loopy Yarns on my way to a party and grabbing a size 5 circular and some stitch markers (and I just bought stitch markers too, they're, of course, at home) and casting on a triangle for the Philosopher. This gray yarn has some lovely hints of purple in it and I can already see it being a slog for socks...

I know, I'm fickle.

Fortunately, it's just yarn.

Oh, if you've not tried it yet (hat tip to Franklin Habit), you can discover what number Ravelry member you are! Details are available here:

I'm number 6222 and it's been nearly 7 years since I joined. I still very clearly remember the anticipation of waiting to get in off of the wait list.  So exciting and they've really built a wonderfully useful company.  I use it every day.

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