Countdown to 5K

I've been plowing through projects but not finishing anything, saving it all up for the 5K kick off that starts on Friday with the KnitGirllls.  Currently I have waiting...
  • sweater with no sleeves (the body is bound off!)
  • a pair of socks missing about an inch of foot and the toe of Sock 2
  • I'm almost through the leg of Sock 2 on the Emergency Work Socks
  • I started a pair of fingerless gloves and am getting close to making Thumb 1
  • I need to start the decreases on a hat
  • Cotton waiting for me to make more washcloths

And that doesn't include the stuff actually languishing--mitts and an afghan leap to mind.  

The other thing I'm working on though, slogging through really, is this color change scarf.  This is the one I re-started about a month ago: Upstairs in the Candy Shop (Rav link:
Today I started the fourth section of color. There are a total of nine sections, so I might get to halfway if I work on it a lot tonight. You can see the redder rows there by the needle. I'm onto 3 plies of red and 1 ply of pink now. 

It's coming but I'm not dreadfully excited about it. Maybe the brown will help?  I had bought the yarn with a very specific friend in mind but at this point I'm not sure if it's still her taste and we haven't really been close in five years... I know the pink isn't my taste, too pale. 

And if I can get slogged mostly through by Friday, which seems actually a possibility, I could spend the weekend really getting things finished and have made quite a dent in the 5K.  

I keep looking at my stash and hoping I can get it down a little. I do love all of the yarn, but it's hitting obligation point.  I was eyeballing sweater patterns again and thinking maybe I should go ahead and cast on another sweater. I have been very carefully *not* buying anything from the Webs Anniversary Sale because of all of the sweater quantities floating around the stash.  If I could get some of that turned into actual things I could wear next winter, that would be no bad thing...and then I could buy more! 


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