Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: Guilty Ends and Muted Rainbows

There's been a little less sock knitting, between different things at work ramping up, a lot of Hedgehog exhaustion, an entirely unnecessary paucity of Terry Pratchett in my headphones for the commute, and that whole "I'm knitting a sweater" thing.  Fortunately, socks are still the current knitting currency when visiting football tailgates and some train time.

This is pair 11 for 2013, from Lisa Souza in her Sock! base (superwash/nylon) in the Shade Garden colorway. When this yarn arrived I realized that I had bought a skein that matched about 5 other skeins in my stash.  At least I'm consistent right?

The colors are definitely muted and after the BMFA and KPPPM that I've been working with recently, they feel even more so. No eye-searing purples here. And no, OAmy's socks aren't done yet. They're in time out until we get our paper rolling again. She doesn't get those socks until we start sending out the manuscript. 

These are 60 stitches, size 1 (2.25 mm) needles and they're progressing slowly. Most of the foot was knit at last weekend's tailgate. Most people had headed into the game but the Philosopher, the Financier, the Drummer and I hung out in the parking lot until half-time, catching up in depth rather than trying to shout at each other over loud music and 25 people. They were drinking hoppy beers, which is not a preferred beverage of mine, so I got through some knitting.  

The Philosopher also reminded me that it's just about wool sock season. This means I probably need to get the ends woven in on a few pair of socks that have been piling up near the stash.  The current pile had 5 pair on it. One of those pairs I need to do some work on--they ended up being too long--but the other four pairs just need the ends woven in and a run through some wool wash. Two pair are for me, two are for the Philosopher. Hopefully I can get those done after I finish this post. 

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