Almost Awake

I've been really really tired of late. Anytime that I'm not actively in "must do x" mode, I've been asleep. There's a weird post-exhaustion thing that's getting me through days and activities; it feels kind of like college again. Down a cup of coffee, pretend that the tired doesn't exist, pull on some kind of reserves that didn't seem to be there half an hour ago when I crawled out of bed, and get through. Unfortunately, this then means a tendency to come home and become a small heap of hedgehog on the couch or bed.  My housekeeping is suffering for it.

I had pretty high ambitions today: move AudioGirl and then some scrubbing at home. We did accomplish the move, but when I arrived home I had a light snack and then a two and a half hour nap. Now I'm eyeballing all the patterns. I finally purchased a shawl pattern I've been planning on starting for weeks.  I also identified a pattern that will be a nice cardigan from yarn that AudioGirl and I bulk bought earlier this year. You'd think finding a raglan worsted weight cardigan that looks like ti will do well in a tweed would be simple.  You'd think.

I also have plans for at least two other shawls and a half a dozen other things I want to start *RIGHT NOW*.  Can we tell it's fall? And that I'm procrastinating on twenty other things I should be doing? And that watching Netflix in bed while doing a little shawl knitting sounds far more up my speed this evening than some vigorous bathroom scrubbing?


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