Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: Royal Toes

When I hit the second toe, approximately, for the PhilosoEight socks, they were abandoned to at-home-knitting and I grabbed a wound skein of KPPPM to tackle the next pair. I knit it up on size 0 (2mm) needles and those are so tiny and the progress made per round feels so infinitesimal.  

And then there was locating the needles, which was doing pre-tea and certainly not fully awake. I was sure I'd left a set on my dresser but couldn't locate those. So I had to go digging in my needle case, pull out the zeros ziplock and drop multiple sets of size 0 needles on the floor. It resembled a game of pick up sticks at 7 a.m. So far, it appears that I only missed one needle when picking up. 

Once I get through this yarn, I'll have 2 more pair worth of KPPPM and 5 skeins to make something larger--it's 875 yards of fingering. Should make a decent sized shawl or light small sweater. 

This is the yarn from Woods Hole/Martha's Vineyard this spring:

I'm amazed that the trip was already nearly three months ago.  The yarn is truly that vibrant, the purple is shockingly bright and blended with metal colors: silver, copper, and a gold, though not metallic. 

I'm just starting to play with my new cell phone camera, so bear with me while I figure this out. I'm more than halfway down the foot of the first sock, pretty much to the point where it feels like I'll never reach the toe. Considering I only started these socks last Friday and it's not quite been a full week, I'm relatively sure that I will indeed reach the toe in short order. That long birthday party I went to last weekend was the site of a lot of the progress. 

This sock is riding around in one of my newest Piddleloop Bags, picked up at YarnCon last spring. 

The PhilosoEight socks were completed but they're still gathering dust on my couch. I'll see if I can convince the Philosopher that he needs to model them for you this weekend. That ought to be entertaining.  

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