Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: I Need a Foot

One of the several reasons I don't knit socks for people I don't know extremely well is that I would prefer the socks to fit. As such, the Philosopher and AudioGirl know that when I'm working on a pair for them, at some point they'll hear that phrase while I'm trying to verify foot length. Even though I know approximately how long their feet are, and I probably should do some measuring and such--seeing them and requiring a foot is easier for now. The Incredibly-Patient-Mother has size 8 feet, handy for when I need to get an extra foot for OAmy, who has the temerity to live in another country and not be available for sock sizing quite as frequently as one could hope.

Anywho, verifying fit means also that I've found out that where I was starting the toe for AudioGirl's socks is too long, so I'm going to have to rip back the toes on the last pair I finished for her--the ones I made out at Wood's Hole. Fortunately, I've not woven in ends yet so it shouldn't be too bad.  I also have to rip back the first toe of the Punk Rock socks and make it a bit shorter.  I am winding down the toe at a more reasonable length of sock 2 of the Punk Rock Socks. A few more rounds and they'll be off the needles. 


This yarn is so very cushy, but with 10% cashmere one does rather expect that.  AudioGirl, during a trying on session, verified that "I will love them with my feet" so I imagine they'll go into heavy rotation this winter.

This next picture is the most color true I think I've gotten of this yarn so far. The sock is propped up on a tripod. 

IMG_6621 (2)

I've also been plowing through the Philosopher's sock during this week's commute. I swear the gusset took forever, but seeing that it's only been a week, I've done other knitting, and I'm ready to stuff his foot into it again to see if I can start the toe now, I'm actually not doing too poorly.  


As you can see, I did not rip back. The Philosopher likes the pools and spirals and spools so he'll get these lovely, slightly crazy socks and wear them in good health. 

There's a very big difference between the leg and foot spirals. Part of that, of course, was the flap and gusset decreases but now that I'm doing half of the foot in stockinette the coils have stretched out. 


We've broken the heat wave, it was almost strangely cool on Wednesday and we're having really high waves on Lake Michigan. It feels strangely unlike July but the break in the need for air conditioning and swimming through humidity has been welcomed by everyone.

I realized that once I get these two pair done I only have one more skein of sock wool wound up and ready to go. That could lead to all sorts of chaos, so a weekend goal is to yarn for at least 5 more pair of socks wound up and ready to go.  Also to wash a couple of my project bags--getting hauled everywhere means they get some serious wear, tear, and rather grubby. 

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