Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Ribs Go Marching 1x1....

I'm very very slowly making my way through the collar of the Rust and Stone (or Cake) Cardigan. The rows are running approximately 500 stitches--there've been a couple of decreases but I know I started with over 500.  Each row is taking just shy of forever.

There is a slight ruffle at the mid-bottom of the collar on each side.  


It's just starting to become apparent.  I have a feeling I'm going to run out of yarn before I run out of rows. I'm supposed to do (if I'm reading the pattern right, I probably should check the updated/final pattern rather than keep going on this version) 15 more rows plus a yarn eating bind off. I have half of a 50 gram skein left and some leftovers.  I plan to get as far as I can and then bind off.  

Of course, getting knitting time on the cardigan has been a challenge. Whenever I pick up the needles something like this happens:


And apparently my camera is biased, preferring to focus on cat feet rather than the decreases at the collar that will help it lay flat. 


Here's most of the collar. It's on a 40" needle I think? Whatever size, it's squashed.  


But the end is in sight, at the finish of this skein.  And then it'll be off to the dyepots.  

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