Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye 2012. Don't Let the Door Hit You!!

Despite the speed with which the year has flown, I can't say I'm sorry that we're looking at the tail end of 2012. While there have been a number of very good things this year: several friends got married, the last cousin whose wedding I expect to be invited to got married, my mom and brother both graduated in May with their Bachelors degrees, the Philosopher and I have a beautiful apartment; it's also been one of the more stressful years in memory and I'm ready to close the chapter and open on a new calendar.

In the logical portion of my brain, I know that there is nothing that is changing between December 31 and January 1. I won't wake up and the world will be fresh and new, except for on the squares where we mark our commitments. And I'm already well booked into the first couple of weeks of the new year, so I can't say that there's nothing ahead but possibility.  But it feels fresh and gives me something to hang my hat on.

On Ravelry, most of the groups I skim are talking about goals for 2013. I'm not especially good at goal setting when it comes to my knitting.  It always seems to end up with a desire to knit more from my stash and stop buying random yarn just because it's shiny. I did manage to  buy a lot less than usual when it came to yarn in 2012 and I'm sure the shelves currently housing the stash are grateful. That shelving was the biggest stash/yarn/knitting related purchase of the year.

In 2013, I'd like the stash to fit comfortably on those shelves, rather than in the stuffed fashion it currently does. That, I think, will be a reasonable goal. If I could knit up one or two of the sweaters' worth, use up a couple of the cones of bulky weight cotton, and not binge too much on more sock yarn, there may be a definite chance.

I'd also like to find a scrap yarn pattern and start using up the sock yarn leftovers. I had intentions of wrapping them up and giving them away but I find that I hold a lot of memories in those miniskeins and I'd like to keep them around. So perhaps it will be the world's largest log cabin blanket? That was an incredibly portable project and if I'm smart enough to weave in the ends as I go.... Of course, it'll still be a very random and not particularly attractive blanket but hey, wool, warm, and a boatload of memories should help to make up for that.

I got out the skein winder the other day and wound up a few "next" projects. A couple skeins of BMFA for socks, a couple of heavier skeins. I have one prewound skein (from the manufacturer) of a blue sock yarn that is next for the size 0 needles. I wish I wasn't already well aware of how long socks on size one needles take.

For now though, I need to be working on a late Christmas gift for AudioGirl.

Things I knit in 2012:
12 Pair of Socks (assuming that last pair gets off the needles by midnight NYE)
A cowl
The Fall Color Affection
A Shawl for Mrs. Miller
Kitchen Rug for Angi and Eric
A hat for me
2 pairs of super bulky slippers for M
A scarf for Sam
Most of the Instant Gratification Afghan

I suppose that's enough for one year.

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