Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sock Show Thursday: Once More Into the Fray

I haven't been knitting a lot recently. Part of it was Lent--where I needed to resist the new, ooh, shiny; part of it was a ridiculous amount of work that's come up recently; part of it was general other stuff.  Life happens, right?   Of late I've had a lot of obligatory feelings about knitting and that's frustrating. I don't want my hobby to feel obligatory, it's one of the reasons I don't knit much for other people who are not blood. Sure, the 9 pairs of socks I gave to other people might belie that a little but I've been in a wallowing frame of mind where I didn't want to knit for anyone else. But not knitting makes me grouchy too. I need the repetition and calm of knitting, particularly when work is getting ever crazier--though I suppose it's good that it's getting busy in ways that are not meetings where I can knit because that generally means we're getting more done.

Anyway, I did have one such meeting the other day and I had a new ball of wool and needles with me.

Thus it begins, the return to wool.  There was a staff meeting this afternoon that I could knit through too.  I got a lot more done there.


This is Lamb's Pride Superwash Sportweight. I bought it at What in Yarnation in Minnesota when the library and knitters paired up to do a yarn store crawl.  I'd intended to make a pair of toe up socks with it but for right now I'm just on my usual 2x2 rib. Baby steps back into my comfort zone. It's on size 2s and I have two skeins so I'll be making 8-9" cuffs.

One more obligation deadline coming up soon, so I have to do that this weekend. But after that I need to find something that really makes me happy to knit again.

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