Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sock Show Thursday: Green and Purple...

In the fantasy world in my head, I have huge swaths of knitting time on public transit, at home in the evenings while catching up on my Netflix, and at cocktail parties where I'm well dressed and carrying beaded and funky project bags. Keep in mind that somehow at these parties I'm also imagining that I've had time to get my hair done.  Nowhere in this fantasy do I have an apartment that needs deep cleaning, a pile of articles to read, friends who are more of the beer than cocktail persuasion who I see over jeans rather than stilettos (that's perfectly fine btw), and trains that are often very crowded so I'm holding onto a railing and squished in rather than trying to wield pointy sticks.  

There were at least a couple of non-notetaking meetings this week and one day that I got a seat on the train for the ride home.  I should have knit at the annual doctor appointment (I'm fine) but hadn't expected to be kept waiting for 45 minutes and was reading a book instead.  I know. The horror. 

I have churned a bit more out on the green sock 1. I think I've got about 2 more inches before I turn the heel, though of course that's subject to the Philosopher's boots. He needs at least a six inch cuff, preferably a little longer. 

Ravelry Link: Green Ray
Pattern: My Vanilla 2x2 Rib sock
Yarn: Ewetopia Fiber Arts Merino Sockweight
Needles: 1.5 (2.5 mm)

I've made better progress on the purple socks. I'm done with Sock 1--hooray!

Ravelry Link: Royal Toes
Pattern: My Vanilla 2x2 Rib Sock
Yarn: Ewetopia Fiber Arts Merino Sockweight
Needles: 2 (2.75 mm)

I finished it during the Superbowl last weekend, when I wasn't chowing down on food. I made hummus for the first time, using my shiny new food processor. I also used the mandolin (vegetable slicer, not musical instrument)--well, the Philosopher used it and there were vegetables and pita to go with the hummus. Surprisingly, the veggies went first! I had cooked up a pound of chickpeas, we left hummus with our hosts and I still have hummus in the fridge. It's good but does take a little while to eat up.  

I did start into the next sock, as you can see, and that's been my meeting knitting. I was asked yesterday what I *do* with all of these socks. Do I wear them? Are they gifts? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy some? I said yes to all three questions and talked about my need for something to do with my hands, handed over the skein so the asker could feel the squish of the wool and we talked about being more able to repair the socks I made than the really expensive wool socks they've purchased that wear out almost equally fast. 

I did not mention to the person asking that she's on my list of people to surprise with socks, mostly because I'd rather it be a pleasant surprise than an expectation. Known obligation knitting I have plenty of already.  

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